Vestas – Power your life Vestas is the world's leading supplier of wind energy solutions. Vestas' core business is the development, manufacture, sales, marketing and maintenance of wind turbines that generate clean, renewable electricity. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, a record of installing more than 38,095 wind turbines in 63 countries on five continents – about a third of the world total – and a global market share of 20 per cent, Vestas is clearly a global market leader. We have international sales organizations and production facilities in Asia, North America and Europe. This enables Vestas to install a turbine every three hours somewhere in the world. But Vestas does more than just produce and sell wind turbines – we are a driving force in wind energy innovation and technology and have built the industry’s biggest research and development capacity. An important part of Vestas’ continuous success is the key role that China plays With the country’s commitment and our dedication, we partner to develop a sustainable China. Vestas in China Vestas is a pioneer in the Chinese wind energy market. We kicked off the wind energy industry in China by installing the first wind turbines in 1986 in the Hainan and Shandong Provinces. Since then, the wind energy sector has developed very quickly and China is now one of the most important wind energy markets in the world, and is still growing at a very high rate. At Vestas, we want to continuously contribute to the sustainable development of China. We are committed to partnering with China to further develop its wind energy sector. Are you willing to become part of this interesting and rapidly growing industry? Now you have the chance! A job to be proud of In Vestas, we are first and foremost about people; the skilled, driven and committed employees who work together every single day to produce impressive results. Working for Vestas is a job to be proud of, as you will be participating in the development and refinement of a sustainable technology that is building a better future for everyone. In return, we provide our employees with the best possible framework in which to thrive and develop, both professionally and personally. This is all bound together by a common culture that reflects our global mindset, respects local cultures and is distinguished by openness, dialogue, trustworthiness and an exceptional desire to perform. Every employee in Vestas has an opportunity to work in an environment that encourages innovation, team spirit, integrity, and most importantly employee and organization development. At Vestas, your performance is acknowledged and rewarded, and through an individual development plan, which includes job rotations, coaching and mentoring, you will have the best chances to develop yourself continuously. Can you see which way the wind is blowing? To find out more details about what Vestas can offer you and the positions vacant, please visit www.vestas.cn and read the Job Openings section under the Jobs & Career heading. 展开 公司地址:北京市朝阳区新源南路甲1-3号平安国际金融中心B座22层 (邮编:100027) 地图 公司官网:http://www.vestas.com
系香港万德福集团旗下企业,多年来携手全球知名生物医药博士合作发展并共同研发前卫生物技术功能产品,以创造时尚元素为我们的追求,以超越产品附加价值为我们的主旨,以融合东西方文化为我们的精髓,以与全球消费者一同分享快乐为我们的理念,至今已启动策划营销自主轻奢品牌idea elements(概念元素),涵盖香水、口红、唇膏、唇彩、面膜、卸妆水、祛斑霜、洁面巾、补水喷雾等化妆产品,个人护理产品、智能丽肤仪、洗发护发、沐浴露等日化产品,提供品牌时尚设计广告等综合服务,并都已经成功投放中国区市场。 JV Tech秉承集团总部开拓创新和团结进取的奋斗精神,并贯彻Wonderful life as ideal life的信念和价值观,我们正努力创造出能够改变人们生活品位和质量的轻奢产品和服务,继续攀登着市场的最高点。 我们,相当重视人才潜质的开发和挖掘。我们鼓励忠诚、提倡共赢,致力于和我们的员工一同成长和发展。 我们欢迎并期待着优秀的您加入到我们这个优秀的团队之中。我们希望能够与您一同携手,共同创造属于我们的wonderful life,共同实现属于我们的ideal life! 展开 公司地址:深圳市南山区高新北六道38号绿创云谷大厦306 (邮编:518057) 地图 *发布本招聘广告企业的营业执照名称:港口揖畅企业黄页网

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